Portrait of Stéphanie Brousset

Stéphanie Brousset


This is one of Delaunay's finest portraits, using the pose of the Venus Pudica ("Modest Venus", Rome, Vatican Museum), much appreciated by nineteenth-century artists, for a particularly beautiful woman.

Delaunay's career as a portraitist began in the late 1860s and his numerous commissions were well received by the critics. This example testifies to his mastery of the genre: set against a bluish background and framed by large green leaves, as if in a hothouse, the seated model leans forward pensively.

Her gentle face, elegant attire, fan and jewellery, together with the satin ribbon in her black hair, suggest elevated social rank and a state of mind hesitating between melancholy and attentiveness to the painter.

Portrait of Stéphanie Brousset
Oil on canvas
65 x 67 cm
S.D.B.L: J. E. Delaunay/1871
Purchased 1913
Inv. 913.1.P.