Jules-Elie Delaunay found recognition as a portraitist in the early 1870s, being compared with such greats of the past as Holbein and Velázquez.

Art critics were unanimous as to his ability to "subtly change his style to suit the character of his model".

Portrait of Joséphine Gante
Joséphine Gante
Portrait of the Artist's Father
The Artist's Father
Portrait of the Artist's Mother
The Artist's Mother
Portrait of Stéphanie Brousset
Stéphanie Brousset
Portrait of Madame Mestayer
Madame Mestayer
Portrait of Alphée Dubois
Alphée Dubois
Portrait of Jehan-Lois Tanguy
Jehan-Lois Tanguy
Portrait of Madame Raoul-Alfred Philippe
Madame Raoul-Alfred Philippe
Portrait of Jacques Bizet as a Child
Jacques Bizet as a Child
Portrait of Madame Marie Toulmouche
Madame Marie Toulmouche
Portrait de Régnier, de la Comédie Française
Portrait de Régnier, de la Comédie Française, 1884
Portrait du Général Mellinet
Portrait du Général Mellinet, 1887
Portrait of Léon Mestayer
Léon Mestayer