Delaunay Draughtsman


Delaunay was a draughtsman all along his life. Handling with skill charcoal, pencil or watercolour, he shows great freedom in his drawings. Graphic art reveals a complex artist, sensitive to the beauty of landscapes, the unique points of view and the originality of an attitude.

The drawing may fix a memory: peasant woman in Rome, the water carrier from Naples, church of Britain... The drawing also helps to imagine future compositions: as La Communion des Apôtres shows, with the squaring and the progressive versions that incorporate figures in space. This composition work that proceeds step by step can be sensed also in Les Flûteurs. The painter can attempt poses: we can see repentance in Ixion aux Enfers illustrate his hesitations, as well in David Triomphant.

Finally, Delaunay uses different papers he changes depending on his needs: papers beige, pink, blue or green. The choice of support enhances the lines and contributes to the harmony of the drawing.